Those with the biggest hearts, suffer the most.

Imagine a world where we humans mourned everytime we heard about someone passing away, as if they were a close friend. What if our hearts ached for people we met for a brief moment only to never be seen again? How would it feel if those memories never faded no matter how many years had passed?

The world’s over population problem would be solved, that’s what would happen. And I’d be the first to go.

I am supposed to be happy today. I got admitted, officially, to the top uni for my major. My tuition and personal expenses will be paid for completely, with your tax money btw (25k/yr), and I won’t even have to pay it back. Instead, all I can think about is what I’m leaving behind.

Will I ever be happy? I’m not so sure anymore. I once believed, I’ll graduate and meet someone worth meeting. What happens if I already met her, but life’s plans got in the way? It would be stupid to quit now. But it feels even stupider to continue.

Statistics say engineer majors are the least happiest students in college, but in the workplace we are the happiest (teachers and retail workers were the least happy). So there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Except, I’m willing to bet those engineer students are simply happy because they were socially awkward before, and now that they graduated, money transformed their persona. I’m not so sure I fall under this category.

Still, it’s a great opportunity, and I’ll have regret either way…

About sickntiredof

I'm an engineering student with a lot on my mind. I'm pretty fucking honest in what I write, and really don't care who I offend. I'll mostly be offending myself.
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4 Responses to Those with the biggest hearts, suffer the most.

  1. whatever you do, do without forcing it. nothing is ever in our control.

  2. Gary Leigh says:

    People with the biggest heart are generally Empaths. And yet they don’t know it.

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