He’s a Coward

There are a lot of things he hates about himself. He hates the fact that he gets nervous when speaking in front of large crowds. He hates that he can’t dance, like a normal person. He hates that his skin color holds him back in so many ways. He hates being insecure. He hates that he can’t satisfy… her. He hates that he saw it coming, but tried to delay it by being nice. It’s very simple actually. He’s a fucking coward.

A coward is someone who is afraid to take risks. He knows he could do something about that, if he really tried, but something else tells him he was already trying too much. He needs a new approach. The stop giving a fuck approach. Do nothing, change nothing, simply give zero fucks. Wouldn’t that be something to aspire to? A glorified asshole. A typical dude.

But that’s not what he wants, nor should it be. He hates conforming to society’s norms. So what if it leads to a solitary life? He should embrace it. At least, he’ll have some self respect. Still… he’ll continue to get hurt, especially if he forget’s rule number one on how to treat a woman: Do not treat her nicely. She’ll fucking get bored of you, no excitement, no qualities to hate, so she’ll hate your niceness. She’ll miss being treated like shit, and beg to be treated like a slut. That’s like… a dude’s dream come true.

Someone better capitalize on that fast. She likes it raw and hard. Don’t forget to pull out, because she won’t take those things that give headaches, only those things that take it away. Actually, he’s sure someone already took his place. She is… insanely beautiful, after all.

So what if she reminded him about what was so special with love? She also reminded him why he even avoided it. It’s not fucking worth it. Nothing is.Image


About sickntiredof

I'm an engineering student with a lot on my mind. I'm pretty fucking honest in what I write, and really don't care who I offend. I'll mostly be offending myself.
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3 Responses to He’s a Coward

  1. “that’s like… a dude’s dream come true.” haha

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