Being black and dumb

You know why racism exists? It’s because people are fucking stupid. Black people, especially. Hey… I can say this because I am, in fact, black. I am a fucking nigger. Awesome. Big whoop-dee-do.

“We’re not all stupid,” some might say. I say, “quit fucking lying to yourself.” I am an engineering college student. I get decent grades. Just good enough to get accepted to a top UC, but I often wonder why they even accepted me? My academics aren’t very competitive. Maybe they’re simply lowering the bar, for us, so we can make it. That has to be it!

Obviously, I am smarter than my black peers, but I am still fucking stupid in comparison to the rest of the population. Let me give you an example on what it’s like to think black. I’m sitting in class looking at the teacher explain a new topic. He is talking and I’m listening right up to the point where he introduces a new concept. Now I can do one of two things. I can continue listening and try to think about what he is saying, or I can write it down and try to understand it later. I tend to choose the latter option simply because experience tells me, even if I understand what he says (unlikely), I will forget it later. So it’s “beneficial” that I remain completely lost during the entire lecture and just take good notes.

You do not want to be a colleague sitting next to me. Trust me. Students will often turn to me and say “What did he just say? I was reading a text message.” I just look at them and say “Uhh, I’m sorry I didn’t catch it.” After a few more times of this happening, they stop asking.

I can only conclude I can’t follow like everyone else because black people are less intelligent. Sure, we can speak and write well, if educated, and some say that is a sign of intelligence. I beg to differ, a ten year old white child can sound more educated than most fully-developed African American males. I say male because women are a different animal, black or white, I have no idea what goes in their head, and thus shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

Another example of our sub-par intelligence is how we think. All black males think about is sex. They say all males think that way. Sure, that may be the case for a small portion of the non-black population, but it is no where near the majority of how we think. Anytime a woman walks by, I look. Once at the face, and again at the ass. I’ve trained myself to not look. But my mind is still thinking about what I might see if I did look.

The other thing we always think about is food. I am always hungry. Why are most stereotypes of blacks about what food we eat? It’s because we look like animals when we eat. It’s in our nature. I can’t fucking help it. If I see some chicken (really any meat), I go nuts. I took psychology. I know what this means. Sex and Food are controlled by the limbic system, basically the instinct part of the brain. All animals think this way. The fundamental sign of intelligence is being able to reason away from just sex and food. We don’t do that too well.

One more thing. Have you ever heard of a black genius? Go ahead and Google it. They don’t exist. Our “genius” is simply being able to keep up with the rest of the world. I am sick and tired of being black and dumb.

About sickntiredof

I'm an engineering student with a lot on my mind. I'm pretty fucking honest in what I write, and really don't care who I offend. I'll mostly be offending myself.
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2 Responses to Being black and dumb

  1. Christina says:

    “You know why racism exists? It’s because people are fucking stupid. Black people, especially. Hey… I can say this because I am, in fact, black.” No you cannot still make a statement like that. Unless you know every black person in the world, you cannot make sure a generalization or stereotype which is what this post is full of.

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